If you get a score of around 240-250, you would be able to apply for any medical specialty and have a great chance of getting in. A score of at least 248 can allow you to compete for highly competitive specialties or locations. The 75th percentile corresponds to about 258, which is a ticket to most medical specialties. As of 2018, the average is 90 programs 3 level 1 Suffrage · 3 yr. ago M-3 Radiology. ~50 Rads and ~40 TYs/Prelims I'm pretty sure I don't need this many but I can't help but do it. 13 level 2 tigecycline · 3 yr. ago MD I know rads is getting more competitive, but is this the norm? If so, that's crazy. The CCBC Radiation Therapy Program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on. The other 16 top universities in Canada are: University of Ottawa – ranked joint 279 th. Dalhousie University – ranked joint 291 st. Simon Fraser University – ranked joint 323 rd. University of Victoria – ranked joint 370 th. Laval University – ranked joint 420 th. University of Saskatchewan – ranked joint 465 th.

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